Hi, I'm Yolanda

Hi, I’m Yolanda, your Wellness Coach. Thanks for visiting!

What Do You Do As A Wellness Coach?

I help you find joy, strength and ease in your body. Whether you’re looking for more Energy, greater Ease and Strength, Less Stress, or Better Health overall, I help you find the way, and support you in getting there.

How do you do that?

We all have to start from where we are, so I begin with an assessment and ask what  you would like to achieve for your Wellness.  Then, together we come up with a plan for starting you on that path.  Of course, we often check in and adjust the plan as our journey takes us to new territory in order to make sure you like where you’re going.  My clients always notice improvements pretty quickly, as the program is completely tailored to your individual needs.

Often, there are some really low-hanging fruit you can pluck for better basic health (pun intended!), like getting your body moving again, getting more hydration, or eating better.  Sometimes there are several factors that affect one’s health, for example poor sleep can cause a reliance on sugary foods to get you through a day. I help my clients sort through these situations.

The most important thing I provide is support and inspiration.  People often know what they “should” be doing, but let’s face it, changing habitual behaviors is difficult to do on your own, especially in an atmosphere where those around you aren’t 100% on board.  My job is to clear the path for you and walk with you as your guide.

What’s your Background?  What got you interested in Wellness as a Profession?

I’ve always been a hiker and a mover — gymnastics and climbing trees as a kid, various forms of dance as a young adult, and now Aerial silks and trapeze in mid-life(!).  But I’ve also had various injuries and conditions for which I needed physical therapy and massage in order to heal.  That is what led me to becoming a  Bodyworker and Health Educator in 2004. 

Also, through trial and error of my own, I learned that what I put into my body can either nourish and support my activities, or it can drain my energy in the long run.  That is why I started drinking green juices more than a decade ago.

As a bodyworker, I also realized that people are craving something to help them with stress management, so that’s why I became a Certified HeartMath® Coach.  I employ HeartMath techniques everyday in my own life, and often integrate them into my Wellness coaching.  Think of HeartMath as Mindfulness with a turbo-boost.

Isn’t it Selfish to think about your own health and wellness first?

Well, think about it this way:  If someone has just dropped a bag of books on the street, and I want to help them before cars start coming at them, how much can I help if my back is sore, or if I can’t kneel down, or if I’m feeling unhappy and distracted because of my own pain or stress? 

That’s right: I can be of much better service when I’m feeling joyful and strong in my own body, don’t you agree? 

“And aren’t generosity and joy infectious? A kind smile at a stranger can change their demeanor instantly to feeling lighter. And when you feel lighter, there are all kinds of chemical changes happening in your body to reduce pain and start healing.

So I don’t think it’s selfish at all to prioritize your health and wellness, because the better you feel, the more you can give others, even if it’s just a smile.  Helping you get to that joyful place is my mission.”

“I so appreciate working with Yolanda and experiencing her gentle but profound encouragement. She has designed targeted exercises for me that are very effective and produce quick, discernible results. Yolanda is not only very knowledgeable about the physical body and how it works but she also knows how to explain it to me in simple understandable terms. I’m so glad I found her!”

Yerington, Nevada